Wallet Security on Ethereum and Arbitrum

Your keys – your crypto

Taurus uses true self-custodial wallets for its users. At no time does Taurus have knowledge of the private keys of their users' wallets nor does it store private keys on any server.

In collaboration with the SEC licensed self-custodial wallet service provider Metakeep Taurus has implemented a wallet handling that allows the user – and only the user alone – to manage their crypto. When a user wallet is created through Taurus for the first time then the user is asked for an email address which then gets associated with that wallet. Through Metakeep's service the user can connect his wallet to other crypto services outside of Taurus at any time.

This is what Metakeep has to say about their business philosophy:

With MetaKeep, we made a principled decision to give users exclusivity to own their keys and coins using hardware wallet technology, without the risk of losing a key ever. This means ownership without touching keys ever, by anybody, to minimize risk. Therefore, using wallet connect, while it's always possible for users to move their funds as they please to any place, they can never be tricked or phished into revealing their keys to anybody.

Always stay in charge of your crypto – Learn more about Metakeep here.

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