TXRS Utility

Data Providers will earn TXRS on the usage of the Trend AI Bots that they provide to the community on the Taurus Marketplace. The Marketplace being a venue of open community engagement, Data Providers will set the price for subscription of their Trend AI Bots themselves which again helps to hold up healthy competition on the Marketplace.

Taurus suggests that Data Providers choose a price level that will compensate them duly for the initial effort needed to set up a Trend AI Bot that is of relevance to the community. At the same time Data Providers should keep in mind a price threshold that should not be crossed in order for their Trend AI Bots to be still economically rewarding for their Subscribers. If in doubt—check out the communities acceptance for a specific Trend AI Bot at a given price.

Data Providers need to stake a specific amount of TXRS to make sure quality guidelines are being met. Obvious rules are the ones that common sense dictate like no token shilling, no mere advertising, no offensive or illegal content, no political content etc.

If content quality guidelines are violated Taurus reserves the right to slash part or all of the TXRS token amount which has been staked for a given Trend AI Bot.

It is also important to note the each Data Provider by setting up a Trand AI Bot agrees to indemnify Taurus from all claims by third parties in connection with the infringement of copyright or any other intellectual or material rights that may be harmed by Trend AI Bots set up by them.

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