TXRS Payments by Subscribers

Subscribers use TXRS to pay for receiving the Trend AI Bot Digests they have subscribed to. As mentioned above the price for each Digest is determined by the Data Provider, hence creating a healthy competition among them.

Because as of yet there exists no accepted way of implementing recurring payments on-chain, the TXRS staked by Data Providers also serves as a security for Subscribers that they will receive their Digests in the future. Let's assume a Data Provider sets up a Trend AI Bot to which users subscribe and pay for a period of 6 months in advance. If the Data Provider decides to take down this specific Trend AI Bot after 3 months, Subscribers are being compensated for their overpayment from the TXRS staked by the Data Provider.

That way staking and payment in TXRS for setting up and subscribing to Trend AI Bots creates an ecosystem that is self-contained and sustainable.

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