What is Taurus?

Trend AI Ecosystem with trading capabilities for spot on Uniswap and perpetuals on GMX within the same Telegram app

Trend AI Ecosystem

Taurus provides the AI infrastructure where users can have two different roles: they can act as Data Providers or Subscribers to emerging crypto trends. As Data Providers, users utilize the Taurus infrastructure to create Trend AI Bots, which gather data from various sources of crypto-related news, whether on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, or the web. Trend AI Bots can be configured by Data Providers to deliver summaries—referred to as digests—of the comprehensive data captured from these sources.

Once set up, Trend AI Bots are available for the entire community to subscribe to. Digests can vary in length, from succinct 5-minute daily briefs to comprehensive market overviews of emerging trends over the past few days. It all depends on the target audience of each Trend AI Bot.

TXRS, the Taurus token, serves both Data Providers and Subscribers. Data Providers stake TXRS to ensure that their Trend AI Bots adhere to Taurus' quality guidelines. Subscribers use TXRS to subscribe to Trend Digests, which are delivered directly to them via Telegram.

Learn more about the Taurus Trend AI Ecosystem.

Telegram Super App

Taurus offers a Web-like UI right in your Telegram – enabling users to execute trades where they get most of their crypto related information and at the same time enjoying the comfort of an easy-to-use interface.

Spot Trading on TON and Uniswap – with vital market info at your fingertips

News and market updates travel quick in crypto and Telegram is the place to be to the get updates while they are hot. Even when you are miles away from your desktop computer Telegram is always there on your mobile.

So is Taurus. You don't have to compromise on ease-of-use in order to be able to act swiftly. Taurus offers a comprehensive market overview that are enhanced by its AI infrastructure. At the same time Taurus lets you execute your trade with a few taps on your mobile. It doesn't get any more plugged-in than that when it comes to being on top of the trades.

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Trading Perpetuals on GMX – at no extra cost

Open, increase, decrease and close long or short positions on GMX through Taurus. Use a comprehensive yet clearly arranged user interface to do the transactions on GMX that are the most important ones in 90% of all cases. Thanks to our being part of the GMX referral program trades on GMX come at no additional fees for the user. Instead you are able to manage your GMX positions on your mobile device any time, any place.

Create Limit Orders on Uniswap (Coming soon)

Use Taurus to set up limit orders, stop losses and take profits on Uniswap easily and seamlessly. Taurus retrieves price information from Chainlink oracles which means that price info is highly accurate and up-to-date.

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