Where it All Comes Together – the Taurus Infrastructure

Taurus provides its users with an infrastructure to streamline the process of generating digests out of available news and information sources. What is even more: Every user can choose to be a Data Provider and easily monetize his own Trend AI Bots.

To become a Data Provider all that needs to be done is to set up a Trend AI Bot. In the Taurus interface just choose which information sources you want to tie into your Trend AI Bot. Taurus offers Telegram channels and groups as data sources from the start with more to follow step by step: Discord servers, Twitter as well as media outlets on the web. Each Trend AI Bot can use up to 5 different sources to allow for a diverse stream of input for its Digests.

The second crucial part in setting up the Trend AI Bot apart from choosing the data sources is setting up the AI prompt on which the Bot is going to operate. The options are limitless here. From

Give me a comprehensive overview of all projects that are being mentioned at least three times and that are likely to trend within the next three weeks

ranging to

Tell me what the market sentiment is and highlight the one project that is being mentioned as going to have a strong token launch, if there is any. Make the summary no longer than 200 words.

or any other AI prompt can be used in order to get the most valuable insights out of the chosen data set. It goes without saying that AI prompts need to be crafted with a clear goal in mind that the Data Provider wants to achieve with their specific Trend AI Bot and sometimes some testing needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

The Taurus Trend AI Bot setup lets you do all this and you can run several tests until you arrive at precisely the Trend AI magic that you are aiming for.

Once the data sources are chosen and the AI prompt has been set up, the rest is practically a matter of selecting the parameters for your Trend AI Bot, like how often do you want it to broadcast its digests to Subscribers etc.

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