The Taurus Trend AI Ecosystem

Putting AI to work where it shines

The Taurus Trend AI Ecosystem is unique in its kind as it harnesses the power of LLMs to provide users in the crypto space with relevant trend information practically in real-time.

Every minute of every day, a wealth of crypto related news is being output through a multitude of channels: Telegram groups and channels, Discord, Twitter, news outlets on the web and more.

The Problem

The sheer volume of crypto related news is overwhelming. Any user and investor who wants to stay in the loop about emerging trends faces the challenge of making sense of the masses of crypto information. Distilling out of the news flood the info that is most relevant for making investment decisions is a task the could keep you busy potentially for hours every day.

AI to the Rescue

The power of LLMs lies in their ability to process large amounts of text and generate digests that give the user a run-down of what's being discussed including a sentiment analysis. It's all a matter of choosing the right AI prompt for evaluating the input. Imagine feeding several Telegram channels' messages of the previous 2 days into the system and tell it to generate a digest of 200 words long that will summarize what projects have been discussed and what the market sentiment looks like in the given data set.

This would just be one example of how AI could generate a digest out of that input that could be consumed as a daily brief within 5 minutes rather than wading through the Telegram channels' thousands of messages which would likely take several hours without being able to distill a precise summary of all the information contained in it.

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