Ethereum and Arbitrum

Taurus uses Uniswap for spot trades on Ethereum and Arbitrum. By choosing Ethereum or Arbitrum in the chain selector you are set to go for swaps on the respective chains. Currently swapping between ETH and ERC-20 tokens is available.

As a future feature also direct swaps from ERC-20 to ERC-20 tokens will be possible. In the meantime if you want to swap from ERC-20 to an ERC-20 token you can do so using the Taurus Bridge feature by swapping between tokens on the same chain.

Selecting an unlisted token

In the token selection enter the symbol of a token that is not in the standard list or enter the token address for a token that is not yet included in the major dexes. As always, exert caution and do your own research when trading a token that has newly been launched in the market or whose business fundamentals have not yet been verified by crypto portals like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.

Uniswap fee tier

Taurus automatically selects the best fee tier for your spot trades, but under certain circumstances you may want to choose a specific Uniswap fee tier for your swaps. This option is available in the settings. Each combination of token pair and fee tier is a liquidity pool on its own on Uniswap, so selecting a different fee tier essentially means selecting that specific pool.

Taurus spot trading fee

Taurus charges a 0.75% fee on swaps that are executed through Taurus Spot Trading. Note that swaps done through Taurus are not subject to the 0.15% Uniswap interface fee, which essentially reduces the Taurus spot trading fee to 0.6%. This fee can even be further reduced for holders of the Taurus token (launch date to be announced) and by participating in our Referral Program.

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