Manage Taurus Positions on GMX

In case you would like to manage positions that you have opened on Taurus directly in the GMX frontend, you need to connect your Taurus wallet to GMX. This is done through GMX's Wallet Connect feature.

Here is a step-by-step guide—fear not, it's actually a lot easier than the number of steps might indicate :-)

  1. On go to 'Connect' in the upper right corner.

  2. Click on Wallet Connect.

  3. In the window that appears choose 'Need the wallet connect modal? > Open' below the QR code.

  4. In the next window click the copy icon next to the heading 'Connect your wallet'. This will copy the connection string to your clipboard that is needed in step 10 below. For convenience leave open the GMX app window and continue with the next steps in a new browser window.

  5. Enter the email address that is linked to your Taurus wallet in the window that says 'metakeep Cryptography'. Be sure to double check the address of step 5 so you can be certain to be on the correct website!

  6. Continue like you would within Taurus: After confirming your email in step 6 you will be sent a security code to that email address.

  7. Enter the security code.

  8. In the following window, below the 'Scan QR' button, click on 'Paste URI'.

  9. In the input field 'Paste connection URI' paste the URI that you copied in step 4.

  10. The next window will request you to confirm to connect to GMX. Click on Approve.

  11. The next window will show you that your Taurus wallet is now connected to GMX.

  12. Head over again to the GMX window that you left open in your browser. You will notice that GMX is now connected to your Taurus wallet.

(We are of course of the opinion that you will rarely—if at all—need to connect your Taurus wallet to the GMX frontend as all GMX features can be used within Taurus a lot more conveniently :-)

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