Perpetuals Trading

Taurus lets you trade perpetuals on GMX V2, fully integrated into Telegram.

The Taurus Perpetuals interface replicates the GMX web frontend in detail. All functionalities that are to be found on are present in the Taurus interface.

Taurus in essence is just a much more convenient way of trading perpetuals on GMX as you can do so directly within a Telegram app right from your mobile.

Also: Limit orders that are being placed on GMX through Taurus will notifiy you directly in Telegram once they get executed—that way you always stay updated about what's happening with your GMX limit orders.

Opening, managing and closing a position in Taurus means interacting with GMX V2 directly and these positions are being displayed and can be managed in the GMX frontend as if they had been set up there. Learn more here.

If you have been using GMX V2 before you won't need any more additional info on how to use GMX through Taurus—it's all there.

Opening and Managing Short/Long Positions

Open long and short positions in the Trading section.

In order to increase/decrease the underlying of an existing position select the desired token pair and open a new trade to adjust the existing position accordingly—same logic as you are used to in the GMX frontend.

Managing Collateral of Exisiting Positions, Closing an Existing Position

To view the details of an existing position tap on the three-dot icon next to the position and select 'View'.

To deposit or withdraw collateral tap on the three-dot icon next to a position and select 'Edit Collateral'.

To close an existing position tap on the three-dot icon next to the position and select 'Close'.

Reviewing Previous Trades

The Trades section displays all previous trades and actions.

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